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Music: A Magical Healer

Happy World Music Day!!

We all have been in a place where words seemed to fail to express how we felt. It was then that we started valuing music even more. It might have been the joyous moment or the grieving silences; music was inseparable through every high and low. Music has always been our best friend; to share our feelings and emotions when words felt short. Music is the magical healer, the secret medium to help us through everything.

The happy moments take us to clubs and pubs for some drink and dance. The sorrowful days keep us to our bed with some soft, soothing music. The situations might be different, but the remedy to each of them is ultimately music. The genres might defer, but the definition of music as a whole remains the same. Music is a potion that aids the human heart from any and every given circumstance.

“But how do I tell her how much I love her? I have never been good with alphabets.” The easy answer is, “Sing them a song that showcases your love for them.” Talking your heart out through music can never go wrong. Whether it might be proposing to your long-time crush; or telling your parents how much they mean to you on their special day, music is always there to the rescue.

Music isn’t just a part of life, but it adds so much more beauty and meaning to existence as a whole. From saving some broken hearts; to adding special effects to one’s moments, music has always done its magic. This World Music Day, let’s celebrate every music, every musician, every composer, every lyricist, and every singer.

Happy World Music Day!
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